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Welcome to the official site of Tenerife Lifeline, the only book about moving to, working in and living in Tenerife. You will find this site a useful resource; whether you are planning to start living in Tenerife, or you already live on the Island.

The menus above will take you to pages with information and links to the most useful Tenerife websites. If you are looking for official Tenerife sites from the government offices, town halls or other official information sites, you should find everything you need. All the links referred to in the book can be found in these sections.

Get the most out of living in Tenerife!

Buy the Tenerife Lifeline book! It’s packed full of information about every aspect of Living in Tenerife, including:

248 pages packed with Tenerife information and advice.

18 chapters with over 140 sections covering everything from health and money to property and working in Tenerife.
Tenerife Lifeline covers almost every aspect of life such as jobs in Tenerife as well as all paperwork and taxes… in fact everything you need to know from birth to death.

Over 200 residents have contributed their knowledge and experience to make this the essential guide to living in Tenerife.

Who should read this book?

If you are thinking of moving to Tenerife, then there’s a lot to consider. Successfully moving to Tenerife means good preparation and Tenerife Lifeline will make sure that you have Tenerife facts at your fingertips. There’s much more to it than hiring a removal company, living in Tenerife is not like life on a permanent holiday. You’ll need to register yourself as a resident, get an NIE tax number and become fully registered in the system to benefit from health services, schools and pensions. You’ll need to find a home, maybe find a job in Tenerife or even start your own business. But that’s just the beginning.

What does it look like?

Click the sample the left and take a sneak peek at a chapter!

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