Pets in Tenerife

All domestic pets in Tenerife must have an identification microchip. Tattoos will not be accepted as ID after July 2018. Vaccination against rabies is compulsory. The standard of vets in Tenerife is generally considered to be good.

If you are moving a pet to Tenerife, see the moving section.

If you buy a pet in Tenerife, you should receive the following documents with your new pet:

  • Sale certificate (Contrato de compra-venta)Microchip number and identity
  • card (Formulario de identificaci
  • ón canina).Vaccination book signe
  • d by a vetOriginal pedigree (if applicable)

As an owner you must:

  • Keep dogs on a lead in public places
  • Vaccinate the animal against rabies when the animal is six months old
  • Register the animal at the local ayuntamiento.

For community rules regarding pets, consult Tenerife Lifeline

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