Having a baby and adoption in Tenerife

Babies born to expat parents are becoming an increasingly common occurrence in Tenerife. Over the years, many expats have settled in Tenerife with families, and their children are now growing up and having children of their own. Where once settlers tended to be closer to retirement age, now there are more younger people choosing the different lifestyle that the island offers. These younger couples, families and single people are, of course, quite likely to have children.

Tenerife Lifeline covers:

Having a baby

  • Private vs. public systems
  • The Documento de Salud de la Embarazada
  • Time off work
  • Registering your child with the civil register
  • Grants for having a baby in the Canaries
  • Maternity leave


Who can adopt

The Dirección General del Menor y Familia has direct responsibility for child welfare and provides the social worker reports that must approve your application.

Documents and process for adoption in Tenerife

Adopting a foreign child in Tenerife

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