Finding a removal company in Tenerife

Shop around for quotes among companies in the UK that specialise in Spain and make sure the company is suitably insured and provides a written quote detailing all charges, including any possible extras. If you need assistance we may be able to assist you with this. All carriers specialising in international removals should be efficient, friendly and appropriately insured. It is advisable to choose a company that specialises in moving to Spain. Make sure they have a proven track record and that they will provide references.

Ask for a written quote that detail all charges and any possible extra charges that may be incurred for packing, moving larger items or storage.

Prices can vary considerably depending on the company, so get several quotes before deciding whom you are going to use. Professional companies will send someone to your home to assess what needs to be transported before they give you a quote. It is highly advisable to pay for insurance, which usually costs about one or two percent of the total value of your goods. You do not need to pay for customs clearance from the UK.
A good removal company should be able to ship your load from the UK and other northern European countries within three days and give you an exact arrival date.

To feel reassured that you are hiring a reputable removal company; it is a good idea to choose one who is affiliated to EuRA (the European Relocation Association), the industry body for relocation companies in Europe. Its 236 member companies worldwide must adhere to the EuRA’s rules of conduct.
See EuRa’s website (or tel. (00 44) 870 072 6727) for a list of companies who specialise in moving to Spain.

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