Tenerife Life

Furnishing your home in Tenerife

Whether you’re a born shopper or someone who prefers to buy everything in one fell swoop, there is a wide range of furniture shops and showrooms in Tenerife, many of which sell complete packages to furnish your entire home, from beds and sofas right down to teaspoons in the cutlery drawer. This is an ideal solution if you intend to ... Read More »

Having a baby and adoption in Tenerife

Babies born to expat parents are becoming an increasingly common occurrence in Tenerife. Over the years, many expats have settled in Tenerife with families, and their children are now growing up and having children of their own. Where once settlers tended to be closer to retirement age, now there are more younger people choosing the different lifestyle that the island ... Read More »

Pets in Tenerife

All domestic pets in Tenerife must have an identification microchip. Tattoos will not be accepted as ID after July 2018. Vaccination against rabies is compulsory. The standard of vets in Tenerife is generally considered to be good. If you are moving a pet to Tenerife, see the moving section. If you buy a pet in Tenerife, you should receive the ... Read More »